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The experience of the CAP LABO’s team helps you to lead your reflections and initiatives surrounding the physical measure. We present you here several non-exhaustive examples of questions that you can be brought to arise and for which CAP LABO proposes you its expertise :

Foos expertise

Food Industry

  • Unctuousness or Firmness of a Yoghurt
  • Adjustment of the concentration in fruit of a compote of fruit on production line
  • Rheology of a food frost to avoid “wrong ways”
  • Control of the rheology of the chocolate of cover according to the international standards
  • Slit force of a cheese or a bread
  • Formulation of foam


  • Flexibility and ease of spreading of a cream,
  • Formulation Benchmark and stability of an emulsion
  • Rupture strength of a Lipstick
  • Getting in touch of the Rheology of a product and its packaging
  • Influence of the change of raw materials
  • Texture of a hair gel

Cosmetic expertise

Pharmacy expertise


  • Stability of a drinkable suspension
  • Formulation and characterization of an adhesive frost
  • Held by a toothpaste
  • Methods of measure connected with the European Pharmacopoeia
  • Hardness of a tablet
  • Adjustment of the viscosity of the gelatin on production line of capsules

Car Industry

  • Control of viscosity of aquous paints
  • Study and control of Rheology of soundproofing PVC
  • Resistance of Foam and fabrics
  • Measure of purity and index of lubricants
  • Rheology of rubbers
  • Studies of Petroleum industry polymers



Building Industry

  • Followed by taking of a cement
  • Texture of one plastered
  • Rheology of a water-based paint / solvent paint
  • Held the coulure, Tightened by a paint
  • Stability and Support of a glue with stone floor
  • Méthode de mesure d’un mastic


  • Industrial Control of the viscosity of a mineral oil / silicone
  • Rheologic Measures of PVC of automotive sound damping
  • Formulation of fluids of oil extraction
  • Consistency of plastic packaging
  • Stability of resin
  • Recycling PET

Chemistry expertise