CAP LABO | One custom-made answer

Because the requirements of every laboratory vary in time, CAP LABO proposes you services perfectly studied according to your current events :


  • Of existing material resources within the laboratory and correlated with the requirements produces noticed.
  • Of used methods and validation or not of their relevance.
  • Of needs in material for a new problem and a definition of the best adapted instruments.

Advice in Physical Measure

  • Definition and Validation of the type of studied measure
  • Choice of the material, present in the laboratory where to acquire
  • Search for the most relevant method
  • Validation of the results
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Report of Study


Technical Support

  • Definition and Validation of methods on new material
  • Results Analysis and eventual statistical treatment
  • Results Interpretation in link with product and its application
  • Submission of study
  • Theory elements training justified by those measurements

Project Support

    • Package that includes regular Skype, email and on-site meeting over several months on the following topics:
  • Definition of your needs related to your projects, review of available resources and materials, research of possible new technologies
  • Choice of appropriate materials and methods, choice and validation of methods, validation of measurements.
  • Implementation of the measures, analysis and interpretation of the results.