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Because the performance of your team lies in the mastery of the tools that you put at your disposal and by its interest for these new technologies, we propose you to share our knowledge and our experience in order to acquire the essential notions to these new skills- make.


training rheology

We define with you customizable modules of training which join within the framework of the in-service training of a public of engineers and technicians of the laboratories of Quality control, R&D and Control of Industrial processes of any activity sector.

Viscosity and Applied Rheology Training

How to run the measures of viscosity and the rheological tests realized on formulated products ?

What relevant methods to finalize with instruments available on the laboratory ?

Get acquainted with the theory which defines the Rheology and to approach it on a practical, useful plan on a daily basis.

Texture Measure and Sensorial Analysis Training

How to analyze the measures of Texture and to put them in connection with the observations of Sensory Analysis?

What tests to choose to identify the sensory parameters discriminating on products formulated with instruments available on the laboratory?

Develop subjects of studies, based on the techniques of plan of experience, not to collapse under the useless results.

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