Rheology immersion

In November 2018, find us at the IUT of Chartres for training in Rheology, Texture and Viscosity in total immersion in the industrial world of cosmetics. In the company of the expert, Philippe NANDE, specialist of the galenical of the pasty and liquid forms in the cosmetics, we will tackle together several topics of the cosmetic manufacture.


The fundamentals of so-called semi-solid pastry shapes

From 6 to 8 November 2018, a training on the fundamentals of pasty forms will take place where practical cases will be set up. Products such as milk, creams or even gels will be used with mixers “bench”. At the end of these training days, you will know :

  • Assimilate the fundamentals and / or strengthen your technical and galenical skills in the manufacturing sector
  • Know how to be in a dynamics of industrial performance by understanding the impact and the interdependence of the parameters of the manufacturing processes

Sensory analysis and texture measurement

On November 20, 2018 will be held our training on sensory analysis and texture measurement. During this day, three essential points :

  • Define the sensory qualities of your products based on their physicochemical characteristics.
  • Choose appropriate characterization and texture measurement methods for each new product developed.
  • Define physical measurement methods to quantify differences in sensory analysis.

Viscosity measurement, rheology and texture measurement

On November 21, 2018, the training will be focused on the rheology, viscosity and texture of the products in the field of cosmetics but also on these themes as a rule. At the end of this day, you will know :

  • Differentiate the notions of viscosity, texture and you will clearly define the rheology.
  • Know the main viscosity measurement methods, the existing standards, the different rheological behaviors and their impacts.
  • Define physical measurement methods to quantify significant differences in the viscosity and texture of your products

Initiation to the galenics of cosmetic products/span>

On June 27, 2019 the training on galenic initiation will focus on the manufacture of a cosmetic product such as milks, creams, gels … and the use of appropriate materials. This day will focus on two points :

  • To assimilate the fundamentals of galenics, to work on the manufacturing processes of the most common forms and to identify their parameters.
  • To place oneself in an industrial dynamics and to study the different materials in capacity to carry out these processes


Philippe Nande

With 25 years of experience in industry and professional training, this specialist in the galenical of pasty and liquid forms, particularly in the field of industrial cosmetics, will be involved in the mastery of the fundamentals of the forms as well as in the initiation to galenic cosmetic products. Mr. Nande began his career by validating a Master 2 of industrial pharmacy but also a diploma from the Institute of Industrial Pharmacy of Montpellier.

Philippe Portail

With 25 years of experience, this engineer in Biotechnology training and leader of the consulting company CAP LABO to laboratories in all sectors of activity has developed expertise in the field of physical measurement. He worked for more than twenty-five years in the world of the laboratory as commercial director and training manager. His work is essentially based on viscosimetry, fluid rheology and texture measurement, all of which are techniques for responding to the behavior of your cosmetic products.


For all registrations :
Chantalle Massot

Place of training days :
IUT de Chartres
1 Place Roger Joly, 28000 Chartres