Find our articles in the magazine la gazette du laboratoire

Cap Labo is featured in the magazine “Laboratory Gazette” with two articles published. One in the month of March in the number 240 and a very nice article in the number 241 of April which traces the course of the company and its activities.

Presentation of magazine :

This monthly magazine reveals the latest news from laboratories and companies in the scientific world. With its seriousness, for more than 23 years, and its reactivity, the Gazette is recognized by all the actors of the field. It is an effective support for the communication of companies and institutions in this sector of activity. With its experience, the world of laboratories has no secret for them, including internationally for news articles ever richer. The Laboratory Gazette is the magazine that best fits Cap Labo’s approach to the world of physics and chemistry. We had the pleasure of collaborating with this magazine and we are very satisfied with the result.

Publications of Cap Labo :

Through them, we wanted to show you the services we offer to help you:

Eh yes ! faced with the multitude of technologies at our disposal, we do not always know which to choose and especially how to respond effectively to our needs for results and information about our products. Data interpretation and more theoretical training are also part of our activities, to enable you to develop skills in these ultra-technical areas, but never forget the approach produced.

We are the first on the market to offer this type of highly applied services, with a strong experience in the field, Cap Labo will accompany you in your innovations.

March 2018 – n°240

April 2018 – n°241